Friday, September 21, 2007

Jesse James: Can't Keep a Good Crook Down

Bad man, poor man, bushwhacker, thief, [Jesse] James was as American as apple pie and the Confederate flag he wrapped himself in like an excuse. (Manohla Dargis in The NYT about the new Brad Pitt film).

And ...

Like a schoolgirl with a crush, [gunslinger] Bob Ford keeps his treasured Jesse James dime novels in a box under his bed.

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William(bill)Anderson said...

Jesse James was a hero to some and a devil to his enemies. I am amused at how people will label him "bad" while glorifying people like Abe Lincoln who was responsible for many more "bad" deeds than Jesse James was.

As for the comment regarding the "Confederate flag he wrapped himself in like an excuse." If you read your history, he and the rest of Quantrills men had more than enough excuse to do what they did.

The movie with Brad Pitt was nothing more than fiction written by a man that is well known for hating Jesse James. Perhaps that is why the movie has done so poorly.