Friday, January 05, 2007

'Pirates' in Miniature: Future of Movies?

… I rested the iPod on my stomach. And there it sat, riding up and down every time I took a breath. I was on the Black Pearl, all right, standing on her foredeck like a drunken sailor as she plowed through heavy seas. The horizon line kept pitching and heaving, and I had trouble seeing much of anything. ( David Denby in The New Yorker on “The Pirates of the Caribbean” on the video iPod and the future of movies).

And …

The interiors were as dark as caves….

… My ears, fed by headphones, were filled with such details as the chafing of hawsers and feet stomping on straw, but there below me Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were duelling like two angry mosquitoes in a jar….

… The skeletons danced on shipboard; their bones looked like pieces of string dipped in Elmer’s glue.

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