Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rummy, With Hindsight

Bush’s endorsement of Rumsfeld is like the fox endorsing the wolf’s management of the hen house. (Letter to The Chicago Tribune).

Donald Rumsfeld famously said "Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion" about France's unwillingness to go to war in Iraq. It turns out that going to war with Rumsfeld is like going duck hunting with Dick Cheney. (Post on USA Today site).

"Rumsfeld is like the football coach who is so confident of victory that he puts only 10 players on the field to prove a point," says one Army official. "Our fear is that he's going to play the whole season like this." (U.S. News and World Report).

Rumsfeld is like the last guest at the party who shows no signs of leaving, no matter how unsubtle the clues are getting.... ( Take It Personally blog).

Rumsfeld was like a little kid covering his ears so he can't hear something that might upset him. (Post on

Rumsfeld is like a charging bull, and his anger knows no bounds. (Post on Last Chance Democracy Café).

“Don Rumsfeld is a patriot like few others whose tireless work on behalf of all of us is so truly remarkable. Don Rumsfeld is like that Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going and going and going. (Speech by Senator Jesse Helms)

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