Friday, November 03, 2006

The (Sorry) State of the Body Politic

And then there are the flip-flop ads, which show the candidate saying one thing, doing another. Every election, those damned flip-flops, with the opponent often photographed in grainy slow motion like a suspect on America's Most Wanted, or Bigfoot emerging from the forest. (Vanity Fair / James Wolcott)

Richard Clarke, the terrorism expert of both the Clinton and first Bush administrations, went public more than two years ago with his harsh critique of the Bush terror war, and, to many, seemed like a bitchy Cassandra, which is not necessarily the perfect career face. (Vanity Fair)

Instead of tapping and emulating his political artistry, Democrats treat Clinton as if he were some unduplicatable natural phenomenon, like the pre-army-induction Elvis. (Vanity Fair / James Wolcott)

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