Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yam Lips, Lost Continents & Windmill Dunks

The doctor – possibly the same one who later gave Kuczynski the yam lip – was ten years my senior, and had clear, translucent skin that glistened pinkly, like prosciutto that had been sliced to an inviting, tissue-paper thinness, and she said that if I, too, started undergoing facial peels I could have the complexion of a woman half my age by the time I hit forty. (New Yorker review of Alex Kuczynski’s cosmetic surgery book).

Maybe people believe swapping personal data for national security is a fair trade. But maybe no one is agitated because the notion of privacy has become, like Atlantis, a persistent and attractive myth. (Anna Quindlen in Newsweek).

I'm out of practice dealing with good political news. It's been a bit of an overload these past two days. It's kind of like getting a letter from my doctor informing me that I can now suddenly windmill dunk a basketball. (Adam McKay in Huffington Post).

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