Monday, November 27, 2006

Gandhi, the Lone Ranger & the Mob in Iraq

Time's cover headline referring to President George W. Bush as "The Lone Ranger" [Nov. 6] was like calling Donald Rumsfeld Mahatma Gandhi. Don't you know your pop-culture history? The Lone Ranger was a gallant man who helped people in distress. He then rode away, not waiting for accolades. The only thing Bush has in common with the Lone Ranger is that he is from Texas. (Letter to Time magazine).

Large numbers of impoverished Shiites view Sadr as their guardian — the one leader who is willing not just to stand up for them but to strike back on their behalf. "People count on the militias," says Lieutenant Hartley, who deals with Sadr's thugs on a regular basis. "It's like the mob — they keep people safe." (The Most Dangerous Man in Iraq, Newsweek).

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